5 thread pitch, 45mm length Check Engine Light Eliminator Adapter.

. 95.

5 spark plug threads.

Our CEL eliminator is CNC machined in-house from high quality cold roll steel for a long-lasting effective performance.

Drives: 2020 Portimao Blue M340-x. . I set to answer that question on the Project E46 BMW.


99. Vibrant Performance Saddle Style Weld on Oxygen Sensor Bung VP-11188. Oxygen Sensor Socket with Side Wire Cutout 3/8” Inch Drive x 7/8” (22mm) fits All Vehicle O2 Removal and Installation Offset Oxygen Sensor Socket 4.

. $19.

Bestseller No.

Vibrant Performance Saddle Style Weld on Oxygen Sensor Bung VP-11188.

$135. There are two versions available, Straight and 90 Degree.

Best Seller in Car Exhaust Oxygen Sensors. Install this spacer on your REAR (downstream, post-cat) oxygen sensor to.

8 out of 5 stars 7 $7.
The purpose of the spacer is to fool the computer into thinking the cat is still there.
Standard Oxygen Sensor Bung.


Vibrant Performance J-Style 02 Fitting (M18 x 1.

3 inserts and c-clip allows adjustment of Flow. $135. 4 months ago.

This is our economical. Brand New. We may have a solution for you, this is not your usual O2 sensor spacer that pushes the O2 sensor away from the exhaust stream, this 02 sensor CEL fix actually uses a tri-metal substrate that is platinum/rhodium/palladium coating that works just like a real catalytic converter, this O2 Sensor Fix is to be used on the downstream 02 sensor (2nd. 2pcs O2 Sensor Spacer, Keenso M18*1. My shop told me to put 90 degree O2 spacer to make it go away, well here I am with said o2 spacer with the cel still on. Tyson.

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Shop oxygen sensor spacer on AliExpress: If want to save a lot of money. Standard Oxygen Sensor Bung.

Drives: 2020 Portimao Blue M340-x.

Drives: 2020 Portimao Blue M340-x.

Reviewed UroTuning o2 Sensor Spacer.

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